MSN stroke specialists utilize nimble technology to collaborate with a hospital’s on-site physicians and staff to support ultra-rapid diagnosis and treatment decisions. The MSN streamlines workflow, optimizes existing technology, and decreases the cost to the facility, whenever possible.  

The extensive stroke expertise of our neurology team is the key to providing the very best care.

Remote technologies, including smartphones, tablets, digital video, and associated technology, make it possible for doctors, staff, and patients to communicate from any location at any time. Our team is focused on providing the fastest and most effective stroke care possible.


Our Marcus Stroke Network (MSN) Telestroke Specialists are available at all times to fill in coverage gaps. Using the same remote technologies that power our Telestroke program, MSN’s specialists partner with each member hospital’s physicians and staff to extend local capabilities, retain patients and deliver best-in-class patient care.

As an MSN Partner Hospital, you can rely on our neurology team’s support for diagnosis, assessment, consultation, and treatment.


Lower your costs by partnering with an established team of world class stroke experts


Dramatically improve outcomes by bringing immediate expertise to your bedside.


Streamline workflow for your emergency room.